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When you add Video Analytics to your plan*

What is Video Analytics?

  • Video Analytics is a useful feature that gives your compatible cameras the smarts to know the difference between people, animals, and cars.
  • You can set your camera to only record and notify you of the activity you care about! For example:
    • With an outdoor camera, be notified if a person walks up your driveway, but not if a car drives down the road
    • With an indoor camera, be alerted if a person is your home, but not if your dog has walked by the camera.
  • Reduce the total number of clips your cameras are taking – save memory space for what matters to you.
  • Limit the less relevant notifications (like traffic, or people walking their dogs), especially useful if you live on a busy street.

Add Video Analytics to your Alarm.com plan from $5/month and receive a free camera valued up to $190! Choose from an indoor or outdoor camera.

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*New and existing clients can add video analytics to their monitoring plan for 36 months and receive a free camera of their choice from a pre-selection of indoor and outdoor security cameras. Camera and video analytics is subject to system’s compatibility. If upgrades are needed for compatibility, additional charges may apply.