Fast Fog by Wilsons Security

Fast Fog by Wilsons Security is proven to be an incredibly effective way to deter theft or damage once an intruder has broken into a business. It can also protect staff from the danger of violent crime. Fast Fog protects your property by releasing thick fog that hides valuables and disorients the intruder.

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Leasing options available for commercial security systems over $1,500. Some conditions apply.

The sudden release of fog will shock and confuse any unwanted intruders, ensuring they retreat from the property before they get their hands on anything of value. Releasing in 0.1 seconds and projecting fog over six metres in just two seconds – this is a deterrent that gives intruders no time to think, forcing them to retreat.

Your Fast fog system can be activated in two ways; automatically when no one is in your premises and your Wilsons Security alarm detects a security breach, or manually by a member of the staff from inside your premises who are acting to safeguard your building, stock and employees.

Fast Fog leaves no residue, it can be used in any environment without the worry of damaging equipment or stock – from electrical goods and clothing to white goods and antiques and food.

Advantages of Fast Fog:

  • Cannot be defeated with brute force.
  • Extremely low maintenance cost
  • Completely safe to breathe, with no residue
  • Easy to relocate
  • Stops burglary, theft, robbery, assault and vandalism
  • Gives you peace of mind
  • Minimizes potential loss
  • Recommended by police and insurance companies

Are You Interested In Fast Fog?

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