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We Sell Sonos

Sonos has products for any application whether it’s a brand new home build, a renovation, or a completely finished home. Wilsons Smart Connect is now a dealer for Sonos® Distributed Audio products and these products are amazing!
Flood sensor

Flood Sensors for Your Home

Is there anything much worse than having to deal with water damage in a home? Water damage is costly and disruptive yet is many times overlooked when it comes to choosing protection devices for your home alarm.
Low Temperature Sensor

Low Temperature Sensors

Learn about the benefits of a low temperature sensor. This video highlights some of the benefits of installing one and attaching it to monitored security system.
wifi feature

Bad WiFi. How do I fix it?

Have you ever had to hold your smartphone high above your head in order to get a strong WiFi signal, in your own home? Does it take forever to load a webpage on your laptop? Does Netflix freeze on you mid-movie, or appear grainy on your TV?
Z-wave logo

What is Z-Wave?

Everyone’s toting the latest Home Automation products, but what makes them work? Whether it’s a new electronic door lock or light switch, we often see references to technologies such as Z-Wave, Zigbee, or Insteon.
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Going on Vacation?

You’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what to pack, but have you given any thought to how to prepare your home for your absence?

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